Andrzej Kędziora

Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester GB

With every single shot I take, I strive for perfection in creating beauty.
I fell in love with creative photography many years ago and I feel it's for the lifetime. It's not my job, but a part of myself, so full dedication to every project I work on, comes naturally to me.

I was born in 1976 in Lodz, Poland. Over 10 years ago I moved to Wrexham UK, where I live and work till now. After some time of shooting here and there, I came up with an idea of "all4U photography", where many of my visions are born now.

All packages can be customized to suit your style and budget. I am open to all suggestions and ideas, I can adjust to customer's needs.

I can offer my service in following fields:

· wedding
· portfolio - studio & outdoor shoot
· family, new born and kids
· christening
· first holly communion
· birthday party
. hen party
· anniversary
· and many other...

Message me using "contact box" to discuss your preferences and special requests.
I am always happy to travel to your chosen destination.



Sesje studyjne (domowe), plenerowe, dzieci, sluby, kalendarze, profesjonalna obróbka zdjęć, wlasne projekty.
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